“ We have experienced consultants across a variety of service offerings, to deliver the right outcomes for your project and business.”

Some examples of recent works completed by our team include:

Program and Project Assurance

Business Case Development

Graduate Development Program – framework and implementation

Client need – a versatile, custom solution to supporting IT Graduates transitioning from studies to full-time work in the dynamic environment of commercial IT projects.  

What was delivered – end-to-end evaluation of current Graduate development practices and processes, and team capabilities in line with overarching executive expectations.  

An effective and practical Graduate Development Program framework. This included the drafting of all associated documentation, information material for Graduates, Managers, Mentors and external stakeholders, preparation and planning for internal and external launch communications and support to implement associated process changes with relevant teams.  

Outcome/benefit – Recent Graduates are supported in entering the workforce, working on high-impact and meaningful projects where they gain significant client exposure and multiple networking opportunities with peers, leaders, industry stakeholders and local industry contacts. Organisational culture is supported through clear expectations set for both Graduates and Managers from commencement. Investment in ‘growing your own’ increases the skills, capabilities and contributions of the organisation.  

Resourcing Management – Restructures and Recruitment  

Client need – Recruitment support, advice and coordination. Restructure support, planning and advice. Often the two are in tandem, however can also be separate activities.  

We have provided support to both public and private sectors in relation to team or company restructures and managing recruitment activities.   

What was delivered – Resourcing Management is both advice and services. Our team provide a centralised coordination and end-to-end management of recruitment activities, including strategic advice and guidance with workforce planning, and identifying opportunities for improved talent acquisition practices.  

Our approach to restructures is to focus first on the business strategy to inform the structure, ‘structure follows strategy’. Advice and support focussed on a best-practice people management approach to ensure a successful transition, underpinned by a clear and well-communicated business rationale. 

Outcome/benefit – Improved outcomes and timeframes of restructure / recruitment activities. Streamlined process management and alleviating of administrative responsibilities, allowing others to focus on their day-to-day business and priorities.